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 Kaguya Clan

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PostSubject: Kaguya Clan   Kaguya Clan EmptyTue May 28, 2013 5:19 am

Kaguya Clan Kaguya_Symbol
These forehead markings are present on all known Kaguya.

Clan Name: Kaguya.

Bloodline Name: Shikotsumyaku.

Bloodline Ability: By infusing the calcium within their bones with chakra Kaguya can manipulate the growth and properties of their skeletal structure to their liking. However this Kekkei Genkai is quite rare among the Kaguya.

Location: Scattered.

Clan History: The Kaguya Clan is known for their savage battle tactics and archaic values. Select few possess the kekkei genkai Shikotsumyaku, this ability was so powerful that even the rest of the war-loving Kaguya clan feared it. Most of the clan is very savage and has no tactics when going into battle, often refusing to back down even when surrounded and completely outmatched, preferring to fight to the death for fun. Members who possess the Shikotsumyaku abilities have a different body structure than others, making it so normal medical treatment is nigh impossible.

Clan traits:

  • Unique birthmark on their forehead, refer to the clan symbol.
  • Members typically love to fight and promote war, often charging headfirst into battle.
  • Those with the kekkei genkai possess the ability to manipulate and grow their skeletal structure, which can be harder than steel if the user is proficient enough.

Clan Weaknesses:

  • Those that possess the rare kekkei genkai are unaffected by standard medical treatment.


  • Bloodline Descendant.
  • Must have Taijutsu as primary specialty.
  • Cannot use elemental ninjutsu.

Members (list any members of the clan here)

Kekkei Genkai Techniques:


Approved Missions:
D: 2
C: 3
B: 1
A: 0
S: 0

Rank-up points: 13

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Kaguya Clan
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