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 Auron's Adventure: Tag Wars

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Auron Nakamura

Auron Nakamura

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Village : Umigakure
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PostSubject: Auron's Adventure: Tag Wars   Auron's Adventure: Tag Wars EmptyTue Aug 27, 2013 4:03 pm

The world always seems like a much more perfect place under the sun, particularly in Umigakure. The rays of sunlight shown brightly under the waves, enhancing the waters around the bubble to the level of a near spectacle. Tourists walked around the streets and alleys, gawking at some of the landmark features of the village. Hoards of couples, families, children, and senior adults wandered the area where hotels appeared most prominent.

In a large culdesac-like area, a particularly large group had gathered. Several young genin shinobi stood on both sides, alongside two taller figures. Auron stood on the right side, facing the center where the line had been drawn so they could pick teams for the game. On his side, there were 3 boys and 3 girls. On the opposing side, there were 4 boys and 2 girls composing their ranks. The taller jonin standing opposite Auron was dressed in typical garb for an Umi Jonin with a clean-shaven head and wearing the mock jacket. Auron was wearing his typical uniform, the hood covered over his head.

"Alright then, is everyone ready to begin the game?" the jonin asked, much to the boy's cheers of delight.

"The rules are simple: The goal is to capture all the members of the opposing team. You can capture someone by touching them on the back and using the seal on them. This will instantly send them to the circle." the jonin pointed to the large chalk-drawn circle that served as an area for those who were out of the game.

"Ninjutsu and Genjutsu are prohibited, you are to use Taijutsu only. Also, the seal will dissolve in 3 minutes if a person is not touched on their back, meaning they can return to the game afterwards. The only way to get someone permanently out is by touching their back."

"Everyone has 3 minutes to get ready and come up with a battle strategy with your team leader. We will begin when the bell rings. Me and Auron will play those roles and will also be in the game. We can be taken out just as everyone else here. Finally, everywhere inside this area is fair game, but you can't go to any of the other places. The training field and other places are off-limits. Offenders to this rule will be punished accordingly."

The 12 Genin cheered loudly, some of them raising their hands and declaring victory already. Auron remained calm and collected, preparing for the game and taking stock of the team he had chosen.

At that, the jonin rose his hand into the air with a single hand sigh, before the whole group scattered.
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Auron Nakamura

Auron Nakamura

Posts : 31
Village : Umigakure
Rank : ANBU Member

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PostSubject: Re: Auron's Adventure: Tag Wars   Auron's Adventure: Tag Wars EmptySat Aug 31, 2013 3:26 am

Auron immediately gathered his team and had them quickly discuss a plan. When the bell was rung, they dispersed, quickly moving to begin their plan.

Auron headed to the rooftops, staying hidden in a balcony. He sat down and watched as the chaos unfolded below. Unfortunately, he had figured that none of the genin would follow the plan at all. Some of them were young kids and not taking the game very seriously at all. As soon as he was out of sight, the younger ones went right at the enemy, trying to overpower them with brute strength and quickness.

He had on purpose actually chosen the ones who he knew were impulsive. He himself knew it was a casual diversionary tactic and one he had done several times before. The Jonin on the other side was probably aware of it already. Auron moved out from under the balcony, and began jumping over to get a better vantage point. He perched himself on a nearby lamp, his eyes swiveling over the landscape in search of anyone after him.

Suddenly, he detected something coming at him and fast. His honed ninja sense began to tingle, looking around for the threat when it hit him. He looked up and there he was. A small genin was positioned right over him and heading downwards towards him quickly.

"Hah! Gotcha Auron!"

Auron managed to flip off the lamp just in time before the kid reached him, falling off and coming to a sliding stop on the ground.

"Nice try kid."
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Auron Nakamura

Auron Nakamura

Posts : 31
Village : Umigakure
Rank : ANBU Member

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PostSubject: Re: Auron's Adventure: Tag Wars   Auron's Adventure: Tag Wars EmptySat Aug 31, 2013 6:30 am

Auron stayed close to the ground, his legs bent and his body tensed to move at a moment's notice. Auron studied the youth keenly, he was wearing the opposing team's color and he seemed an ordinary Genin, but Auron had never seen him before. His hair was cobalt in color and he was wearing a shirt with a collar that covered his mouth, shading his expression from Auron's view.

He readied himself to move and kept his eyes constantly moving about, scanning his environment. It wasn't long before he detected another approaching foe. His experience took hold and he immediately turned around to the sight of the ninja jonin closing in right behind him. Auron rose his arm to guard, knocking away the man's open palm with a flick of his wrist. He began to move forward again, when another shadow caught his attention. The young genin boy had closed in on him while he was distracted and his open palm was now getting closer to him.

"A diversionary tactic... They're working together." Auron's mind thought fast and his body reacted on instinct alone. He stepped to the side, allowing the boy's palm to miss his back and move directly in front of him. Auron quickly opened his palm to tag the boy on the back, but the man was also quick on his feet and grabbed the boy by the scruff of his neck. He yanked the boy away from Auron, tossing him away and sending him skidding onto the ground.

Auron took the moment to retreat, using his leg strength to push himself backwards and out of reach of the man. He came to a skidding stop on the cobbled ground a bit further back. He faced the two ninja standing in front of him, analyzing the both of them. For the first time however, he noticed the resemblance between both the boy and the adult jonin. Both of them had the same cobalt-colored hair. Auron smiled a bit as he noticed this.

"Not bad you two. Almost had me there." Auron swiveled his body so he could more easily observe his environment, watching for any signs of movement from his two opponents. "Too bad Auron. We're gonna WIN this one! Your team is falling apart. We'll have you surrounded in no time!"

Auron rose an eyebrow at that. Last time he had checked, his team was at least holding their own against them. His last count concluded that he had lost two people and they had lost two. There had to be no way he was losing.

"Care to explain how I'm losing again? Last I checked, you weren't exactly ahead in this game."
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Auron Nakamura

Auron Nakamura

Posts : 31
Village : Umigakure
Rank : ANBU Member

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PostSubject: Re: Auron's Adventure: Tag Wars   Auron's Adventure: Tag Wars EmptySun Sep 08, 2013 6:16 am

Auron kept low to the ground, his muscles tensed to move at the first sign of danger. The two cobalt-haired ninja seemed to believe that they had the upper hand, but why they were thinking this he was not sure.... Unless

Auron momentarily glanced over to the area where the circle was drawn, indicating the number of members that were out. Of all the ones in the circle, 5 were his. The sounds of battle receded and he almost blanched at the fact that he'd been caught off guard. It was almost embarrassing to think that he had neglected to keep a constant eye on the battle and these two had taken full advantage of it.

At this point, it wasn't hard to think of what his next move would be. Reassessing the strategy, he was far outnumbered and had at least 4 others to deal with. His odds weren't good and the other members of their team were closing in on him.

He moved quickly, dashing headlong at the two cobalt-haired ninja. Even outnumbered, he still wasn't one to give up and give in. Win or lose, he had an idea.


Auron sat in a room, thoroughly beat from his game of tag that had lasted all afternoon. He signed in relief for a moment as he took in the moment. It had been a fun game and he had enjoyed it thoroughly. Sullenly, a man walked up to him and handed him a scroll.

"This will be your next mission. Be prepared to depart immediately."

Auron took the scroll, nodding his head in tanks before turning back to it. He unwrapped the piece of parchment, seeing the black font written in ink and began to read.

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PostSubject: Re: Auron's Adventure: Tag Wars   Auron's Adventure: Tag Wars Empty

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Auron's Adventure: Tag Wars
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