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 Cooking with Explosives! [Kiku]

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Chinatsu Taiyo

Chinatsu Taiyo

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Cooking with Explosives! [Kiku] Empty
PostSubject: Cooking with Explosives! [Kiku]   Cooking with Explosives! [Kiku] EmptySun Aug 25, 2013 5:46 am

Chinatsu stood in the training field suddenly very nervous. She had let her family know that she would be having a guest over for dinner and brothers had that glint their eyes. She also nervous about Kiku meeting her parents, not that she would ever admit it, or if he would even show.

Natsu stiffed and mentally hit herself, of course he was going to show, Kiku wasn't the type to stand people up, right? She was drawn out of nerves when a small clay monster thing zoom by her, instively she duck before it blew unleashing blue paint everywhere.

Paint bombs. Chi looked up and glared at Jiruo before sending several birds after the boy chasing him off. Quietly she promised to get him back later. She sighed taking her coat off and folding it paint side in. She suddenly found herself feeling very conspicuous as she stood in the floral light green sundress. Her long coat had been a last minute back out, that she now no longer had.

Nervous she bushed her hair out the way of eye, she had taken off the eye scope, showing off her red eye; another choice she regretted, but would deal with. Absently she scanned the field again looking for Kiku.
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Uzumaki Kikuchiyo

Uzumaki Kikuchiyo

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Cooking with Explosives! [Kiku] Empty
PostSubject: Re: Cooking with Explosives! [Kiku]   Cooking with Explosives! [Kiku] EmptySun Aug 25, 2013 6:20 am

This was bad. Kiku was running a little late. He had to use all of his ninja speedy tricks just to make it there almost on time. By the time he came in sight of the training field, Chinatsu was already waiting. He just hoped she hadn't been waiting too long. She seemed to have gotten into a fight while she was waiting, and Chinatsu had sent some birds to chase him off. Blue paint was spattered around, probably from some training weapon.

Kiku hopped down, approaching at a more even pace. "Hey Chinatsu!" He waved, giving a big smile. "Sorry I'm late. Hope I didn't keep you waiting too long." He came to a stop at her side, still smiling. Maybe not the best start, but things were probably going to go up from there. It was just a dinner, what could go wrong?
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Cooking with Explosives! [Kiku]
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