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 Battle Rules 101

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PostSubject: Battle Rules 101   Battle Rules 101 EmptySun Aug 18, 2013 7:33 am

Here are the battle rules. I'll be clear about this so we shouldn't have anyone asking questions. But don't feel discouraged from asking them. If I'm not clear on explaining it then just ask. I'll be glad to help you.


Rule 1:
Everyone is entitled a Free-be for that post. So, if you are fighting and I see you are going to die, I'll tell you, You are going to die unless you fix your post. Each post will get a 48 hour wait period to be fair for everyone. Two days SHOULD be enough to find what you missed and fix it. Though, If you do die, I will explain what you missed and how you could have fixed it.

Rule 2:
There are New Tags for Battle. These don't contradict the normal tags already for Topics. I'm just adding to them. Normal topics with out any tags are considered Ask-Basis. Any Topic with a {DA} Tag is open game. It means Death Allowed. This means you accept full responsibility and agree, that if you're character dies, they die. It's simple to keep your character alive though. Just don't go in to a topic tagged as {DA}. But yes, there are other ways.

Rule 3:
Think Logically. Because there's no Chakra or Stamina, Speed, and other Regulations doesn't mean there isn't rules. If you're a Genin Rank Shinobi, IF you can even use an S rank Jutsu, it's going to make you REALLY tired. Jounin can use around Two at most. And that will pretty much make you on the verge of passing out. Remember, These are Safe numbers. You are allowed to use 1 over the safe number, but that means you're going to pass out after the jutsu finishes. But be careful, if you manage to use MORE chakra after that, you WILL die. You HAVE to keep SOME chakra in your body to keep you alive. This is Canon, and proven.


So here's where I'll explain how fights will go. It's pretty simple. All you need to do is Do your action, and explain it. I want Detail here because if you can make me truly believe it's with in your character's capability, then I'll allow it. But keep in mind, Everyone has an Endurance limit. So it's not likely to go using a hundred jutsu of average strength and remain standing. Just try to put yourself in your character's shoes.

So here's an example of a fight.

"Bob lifted his hand positioning the Katana to face his enemy. With all of his force he pushed forward trying to stab Jim."

So this is an attack line. But there's one major flaw. There's no distances. Katana are usually five feet in length from the Tassel to the Haki. Butt, to tip. Now because there wasn't any distance the other person can set the distance.

"Jim watched as Bob attempted to stab him from six feet away. It seemed he thought he could reach him, but was sorely mistaken."

Detail is everything. So please, PLEASE put detail. Specify how far you jump, or how close you are when you kick. That sort of thing. Keep in mind distances of Jutsu and ranges of attacks.

IF you have ANY questions feel free to ask. In any case, When a fight starts PM myself and I'll watch the fight making sure that everyone is playing fair and staying with in the rules. Remember, Detail, is EVERYTHING.

Please make sure everything is in great detail guys, it's pointless if it isn't!


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Battle Rules 101
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