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 ><Of Bears and Men><

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Kaizen Itazura
Kaizen Itazura

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Hermitage of the Bear Sage

Kaizen sat atop one of the many lush evergreen hills that rolled through this land in a state of quiet meditation, The corners of his lips curved into a smile that showed all a man who was completely satisfied with the world. Kaizen sat completely still as the sun perched in a ocean blue sky kissed his body. He breathed as peacefully as the wind that rolled over the many hills of The Land of Rice Fields. Kaizen bathed in the absolute harmony of this place as he prepared to set out on the long journey home. His mind began wandering as he achieved a the ideal sensation of total peace. He thought of all the time and people he sacrificed on this fifteen year journey of strength and harmony. And he asked himself the big question. Was it all worth it? He sure hoped it was but only time would tell if he had truly achieved his goal as Sora's greatest vanguard. A shield to turn back any threat and the olive branch that would forge a reigning peace for the village hidden in the sky. He thought of everything he left behind on this journey but he especially thought of the person who inspired this endeavor. Shiro Yuki the legendary White Lady of Umigakure no Sato. The words she spoke to him that night years ago resonated with him no longer was brute force and war the only means to ensure peace. No she opened him up to something more powerful; harmony. Was she still alive? Did she wait for him all theses years? Had she moved on... He couldn't know the answers to these question and would probably go his whole life without knowing. These dark thoughts quickly dissipated as he thought of his great journey here.

[Flash back fifteen years ago:The Wasteland of Raui]

"So what you're saying is in order for my goals to come into fruition I must master my anger, which will in turn allow me to master the power of the Bear Sages?" The old bear looked at him with a smug smile as he belllowed out his reply. "No that is not what I'm saying at all Kaizen-Bo." The great bear approached him with a quizzical expression as it inspected his body. "Ya know Bo I was under the impression you were one of em geniuses. And yet you seem to have trouble grasping such simple concepts. You truly are a curiosity." The great bear raised a giant paw and knocked on Kaizens head until the white haired shinobi forced him off in a fit of annoyance. "Forgive me Ardaius-Sama but, perhaps my inability to understand your lesson has nothing to do with my intelligence and more to do with your ability to teach properly." The ancient bear grumbled a low roar. A roar born more of exasperation than anger. "Walk with me for a second boy I have something to show you." Kaizen walked alongside the giant ancient through former Rauigakure weaving through the carcass it had become. "Look at all this Bo. How could a village so great be brought so low. The answer is simple really. Anger. Anger breeds a dark and sickly hatred. Anger turns pride into arrogance.. It was this anger from which the destruction of this village was born from." Kaizen looked out at the wasteland that surrounded them as he tried to absorb his teachers message. "What I'm saying is do you really think you can control such a powerful emotion. Look at yourself you are not an angry fellow on the outside. But inside your anger runs rampant. It clouds your judgement. Anger is the key to my power Bo it is what gives me an edge. What you must first do is discern between pacifying your anger and controlling it." The bear sage sat down on the edge of the crater that was Rauigakure no Sato and stared out solemnly at the expanse of dead land around him. "Your problem Bo is that your anger has clouded your perceptions. You have pacified it and refused to acknowledge its presence and are therefore oblivious o the fact that its leading you down a dark path." Kaizen squirmed a bit uncomfortable with this assessment of himself. He felt like he was a cool and calm individual. "Once you've done this you will be able to see what is necessary to achieving your goals." Before Kaizen could ask him to elaborate further on what he mean the old Sage had him off for arduous training with one of the lesser summons.

[Three months later outside Aranogakure mo Sato]

"Enough!" Kaizen yelled as he sent his sparring partner flying waking his mentor in comedic fashion. Kaizen marched up to the giant Sage ready to pick a bone with him. "Enough is enough Ardaius-Sama. You said a month ago I have learned to master my anger and yet I still can't see the key to wielding the power of the Bear Sages!" The ancient giant laughed with a low roar as he looked down upon Kaizen. "My boy you ask all the wrong questions. Look at the decrepit village behind you. Its masters fumble around in a cesspool of their own creation. And do you know why?" Kaizen looked off into the distance and shook his head slowly in the negative. "Because they seek power by stealing it from the powerful thats why. And I never actually said you could not control us in fact you are making great progress in your Sage training. No, what your anger wont let you see Kaizen is that you do not need my power or anyone Else's for that matter. My power would just become a crutch for you to stagnate on." Kaizen looked back at his sensei with a more than confused expression. "But you said that Sage jutsu would gives the user incredible power. The type of power that could enable a shinobi determined enough to turn back the enemy." The old Sage nodded wisely as he patted his great belly. "Aye, I did say that Kaizen but that wont be nearly enough to get you what you want. Just like taking power from others wont get them what they want." The undisputed leader of these powerful beasts stood up and entered his stance. Then he roared with incredible force sending a mass of earth ripping through the land scape with ungodly destruction. "There you see I did that all by myself. Don't ya see Kaizen? The powerful seek strength within in themselves it is the powerless that seek it within others." Kaizen looked at his mentor with awe. For a battle hardened savage he was as wise as they come. He now knew what he had to do. He had become to focused on learning the Sage Art. He resolved to no longer neglect and overlook his own natural abilities.

[Eight years ago at the Infinite Forest home to the Bear Sages]

"I can't tell ya how proud I am at this very moment Bo. Very few ninja have the talent and dedication to pass through our pilgrimage. And you Kaizen-san are the most talented and dedicated of all.' Artaius smiled contentedly as he thought of all the good that could be accomplished by this contract. Kaizen beamed as he approached his final trial. This is it he would finally reach complete and total zen true mastery over Sage Mode. All he had to do now was best the ancient warrior. "Are you prepared to do battle with me young one?" Kaizen steeled himself and kept absolutely still as he located and then gathered the natural energy around him. He blended and balanced this natural energy with his chakra perfectly. In a flash he transformed into his Sage mode. His power resonated around him, wind lashing to and fro in a demonstration of his strength. His pupils became sharp like a bears with orange eye shadow surrounding them. "I am ready Sensei! And thanks, for everything." The old bear smiled as he took his stance preparing for the coming battle. "Then this is it. Come at me with everything you have!" All the inhabitants of the Infinite forest looked on in awe as the fight was about to commence. From the biggest to the smallest youngest to old all were in attendance for this monumental battle. And the conclusion of eight years of travel and training. The conclusion of blood and sweat in equal measure. Kaizen bellowed a mighty battle roar, something he picked up in his time amongst these fierce warriors as he pressed his attack. Artaius let loose a monstrous roar of his own as he came flying towards his pupil. They battled and raged against each other with everything that they had. Used every trick and jutsu they had in an attempt to gain the edge in battle. This war went on for hours forcing Kaizen to cancel his Sage form long ago and battle on through the exhaustion. Never before has any wielder of the Bear contract defeated the SS rank beast before. But beating him wasn't how you passed. Battling with all your heart is the key and Kaizen was putting on one hell of a show of heart. "I am impressed Kaizen you are a true warrior. But I get the feeling this battle is nearing its end. Time to put ya down boy!" Kaizen breathed heavily as he hid behind a giant ancoent tree clutching his side. He made a bandage out of his shirt and tried to keep enough pressure on it to keep the blood in. He was battered and bruised and was running on empty here. But this test is meant for the participant to trudge on until they are defeated to fight to the death if need be. "For a wise old sage you are pretty foolish counting me out!" Kaizen stood on the base of the trees mighty trunk as he stared the giant down with a steely gaze. Artaius smiled and charged down his young student preferring to get up close and personal with his prey. Kaizen didn't move or flinch as the powerful paws came down upon him. Sending him flying hard into the dirt below. Artaius stood over the crater he formed with Kaizens body and laughed heartily. "I'm disappointed Bo how could you give up ,ike that?" The giant Sage waited as the dust from his onslaught settled. Much to the great Bears surprise and dismay it was not Kaizen in the crater but one of the younger inhabitants of Infinite Forest bound and beaten courtesy of Artaius. The great bear leaned down in a fit of guilt as he tried to aid his kin. Just as he reached the poor creature he heard the real Kaizen reveal himself from the foliage. "Great Bubble Trio Bang!" Three large 20ft bubbles harder than steel burst from his bubble blower flinging themselves into Artaius one at a time knocking him through the forest carving it out in dramatic fashion. Kaizen collapsed as he reached complete chakra exhaustion. Artaius for the first time in his life had been defeated but he was not upset by it. He was over joyed to have found someone so worthy. The bears of the Infinite Forest cheered at their comrades victory and laughed at the thought of a double knockout.

[Present day Land of Rice Fields.]

Of course there was much he was leaving out but he was to excited to return home to bother on anymore reflections. He opened his eye grabbed his pack an stood up looking out at the peaceful land around him. He breathed in and took off at break neck speed towards his destination. His hermitage was finally over with.

[Word Count:2046/Sage Training Complete]
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><Of Bears and Men><
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